About Our Companies

We founded Energy Conservers & Consultants Co., Inc. in 1978. It began as Energy Conservation Company. Subsequently, it expanded business into other facets. Our experiences include Energy Conservation Work, Insulation Application, Active Solar and Wood-Fired Heaters for Water and Home Heating, Water & Air Purification, New & Improvement Residential & Commercial Constructions. By incorporating all the technologies that we have at our disposal, we have succeeded in the research & development of ultra efficient & comfortable houses called Tech Homes.

We founded Laonipon, Inc., the developer of Wake Wynds in 1994. In the earlier stages, we sold lots to several Builders. After the creation of Tech Homes, we have kept most building lots for our own clientele.

Our Personnel & Qualifications
  • James Laonipon is President, and Ann Laonipon Vice President

  • Both are former Research Scientists, as well as Biology, Chemistry & Physics Instructors.

  • Both have Masters’ degrees in Sciences.

  • James is the qualifying Officer for the licenses in General Contracting (Residential & Commercial Building), Heating, Air-Conditioning, Plumbing, and Real Estate Brokering.

    Our Proudest Accomplishments

    Having strong interest & passion in transforming scientific knowledge into technologies that make life easier for mankind, we founded Energy Conservers & Consultants Co., Inc. As Consultants, we are honored when homeowners, who are dissatisfied by the poor performance of their heating & cooling systems, and quality of air and water, call upon us for consultation and solution to their problems.

    We are one of exceptionally few construction companies that are knowledgeable enough to be granted licenses in Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing. We place great emphasis on comfort, energy conservation, and air and water quality in our practices. By incorporating certain state-of-the-art technologies into the homes we build, we have successfully developed and created a new product, low price luxurious houses called “Tech Home”.

    Tech Homes are not old merchandise in new wrapping. They are genuinely more comfortable, and cost-efficient, and they save hundreds of dollars per year in the costs of heating, cooling, bottled water, repair & maintenance servicing for the homes and appliances.

    Tech Homes are packed with the powerful comfort-convenience enhancing features that take luxurious living to a new height. To view the long list of the technical features that could possibly make other new houses obsolete, click here.