Standard Features in a Tech Home

Features that make conventional new houses obsolete!

  1. Wiring for the home movie theater Dolby Digital surround sound audio system.

  2. Whirlpool and separate shower in master suite.

  3. Wiring for high speed Internet and home networking applications to allow several computers to share one Internet connection and printer. Convenience and savings that most people only dream of.

  4. Phone lines & TV cables in all bedrooms and family room.

  5. Built-in water purifier to provide virtually unlimited supply of purified water for drinking, cooking, making ice, drinks, baby formulas, etc. You never need to purchase bottled water again.

  6. Built-in air scrubbers to remove indoor airborne pollens, bacteria and very fine dust. Cleaner air means less allergies, house cleaning, and a longer life span for your computer and all other electronic equipment.

  7. Custom engineered distributing ductwork to deliver large volumes of air at low velocity and noise levels. Tech Homes heat and cool all rooms more evenly. There is no need to waste energy by over heating or cooling the rest of the home to have only certain rooms comfortable.

  8. Super energy efficient heating and cooling equipment with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of 12. This equipment is 20% more efficient than standard equipment found in most new conventional houses. The combination of super air distributing ductwork and efficient equipment can save hundreds of dollars a year and provide greater comfort at the same time.

  9. Bathroom exhaust fans vented outside through galvanized steel ducts, which are smooth and straight. Most conventional new houses use flexible ducts that have internal ridges and rough surfaces. They also sag between supports. Flexible ducts cost much less to install, but they exhaust little air due to their inherent friction to airflow.

  10. Exterior walls are 50% thicker than those of conventional new houses making them more energy efficient, quieter and stronger. They also have room for 50% more insulation.

  11. Sand and grit never stop up any faucets, washers, and icemakers. A heavy-duty water filter rated at 1 micron protects them, this is approximately the diameter of bacteria! Without abrasive sand and grit in water, all faucets, washers, and water heater can last longer & remain more trouble-free.

  12. High quality insulated exterior doors.

  13. All windows are tiltable vinyl type, which are easy to clean, and donít need painting. They are backed by 10 years factory warranty. Many new houses use the 1-year variety.

  14. Roofs have a 40-year warranty by the manufacturer, 20 years longer than most new houses. This particular feature alone can save several thousands of dollars.

  15. To control the summer attic temperatures, we install soffit vents, ridge vents, and over sized louver gable vents. Having more efficient attic ventilation, the summer attic temperatures of a Tech Home are several degrees lower than those of a conventional house. This provides longer shingle life, and less needs for air conditioning.

  16. The crawl space height of a Tech Home is designed and built to accommodate a nominal 50-gallon water heater. The heater doesnít take up space in the home and importantly, it is less prone to damage the home when it develops a leak in distant future, which is certain to happen to all water heaters eventually.

  17. The crawl space access door is pre-planned and built to allow for easy replacement of the appliances.

Other special features can be available upon request. Contact us for more information.