Be a Smart Home Buyer. Learn the Facts.

  1. Marketers, and Builders rely heavily on the “Curb Appeal” of the house as their selling tool. The truth is “Beauty is only skin-deep.” What looks good on the outside does not necessarily mean it is good on the inside. Defend yourself by asking lots of questions, and comparing the features that truly influence the comfort, convenience, and cost of owning and operating the home. To give you some idea about the features you may desire to have in your new dream home, click here or go to the “Tech Home Features That Could Possibly Make Other Houses Obsolete.”

  2. Building codes are created to protect consumers. However, in many instances, they are miserably inadequate. For example: the heating-cooling systems that are good enough to pass the Inspections often times over heat and cool a few rooms while other parts of the house are under heated and cooled. Much energy is wasted while the occupants suffer.

    If a utility savings of $50/month were invested in stocks with an average return of 1% per month, the equity after 30 years could theoretically be as high as $174,748! The actual savings vary depending on house size, personal life style, weather, cost of energy, and other factors.

  3. Few Builders possess sufficient scientific knowledge to understand and be able to design good heating & cooling systems. In most situations, the Heating-Cooling Contractor who presents the lowest bid is selected for the job.

  4. Strange as it may sound, paying more for a house does not always guarantee a superior quality job in return. Experience has proven that most contractors lack the dedication, passion, and scientific knowledge that are crucial prerequisites for any high quality work.

  5. Most consumers can’t distinguish a good heating-cooling system from the mediocre ones. Mediocre heating-cooling systems cost the Builders less initially, but will always cost the consumers much more in mediocre comfort and expensive energy bills forever.

  6. Few Realtors pay much attention to, or are even aware of the innovative features such as those found in Tech Homes that save money and provide superior comfort and convenience.

  7. To protect the interests of the Buyer and Lender, before a piece of real estate can be closed, it must be appraised for its fair market value by an independent certified appraiser, approved by the Lender.